There are several email newsletters that I subscribe to for a thoughtful reflection on culture. One of these is a resource called The Weekend Reader by Max Anderson. We had a chance to meet at some wonderful meetings in Brooklyn a few years back. It was a gathering of some truly remarkable Christians who were careful thinkers deliberating on how the Church might engage culture redemptively. Our hosts were the good people at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture.

I signed up for the Weekend Reader because I liked the idea of someone who was looking at cultural trends and interacting with the ideas honestly. I wanted to know what would come from the pen of someone that signs off with, “Read widely. Read wisely.”  I’ve not been disappointed.

So today, I’m pointing you to a particular Weekend Reader with its typical five recommended articles. This particular set of readings has to deal generally with the idea of, and then specifically the problems of the Metaverse. You will have heard that Facebook did a rebrand of sorts, changing its name to Meta.  Max writes:

What the heck is a metaverse? Today, a primer on what the metaverse is, why it might not be the answer to Facebook’s problems, but why it might be a big part of our collective future.

You’ll get a quick synopsis of each article, and if you are interested, you can click to read the whole thing. I’d watch the video (offered here without bias) for a quick glimpse of Meta’s ambitions.

Read the Weekend Reader here.

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Update: You may be interested in complementing this learning by hearing what Mark Sayers is saying about this in his podcast, Rebuilders.  I have found his cultural analysis very helpful.

Happy reading… or as Max would say, “Read widely. Read wisely.”


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