Steven Garber paints a picture of a life of ora et labora, prayer and work, lived out seamlessly by followers of Jesus in our everyday lives.

This two-and-a-half minute video tells the story of a group of American monks who make a “wicked” hot sauce, and the connections they draw between their prayer and work:


“The monks at Subiaco Abbey in Arkansas know how to bring the heat. Led by Father Richard Walz, the Benedictine monks make Monk Sauce, a spicy habanero pepper sauce. Walz says making Monk Sauce is a perfect way to find balance between work and prayer … and to add spice to a simple life.”

Father Richard Walz’s insights are not only for those living in abbeys, but for all of us seeking to live sacramental lives in every place in which we live, work, and play: “A good monk is a good balance between prayer and work.”


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