We are now several years into our work, it has been gratifying to see that our efforts to help churches infuse a robust understanding of vocation and calling into their discipleship processes has been at the very center of our vision when we began, and remains at the center of our mission today.

Here is a repost of the video we produced at the launch of Flourish San Diego in 2014. Take a look and you will see how our simple experiment at our church to teach about vocation helped launch people into beautiful ways of blessing our community.  Today, a little over three years later, you will see that we are still at it.

Today, we are preparing for our third cohort of congregational leaders who will join our growing network of churches. After you see Our Story below, watch this video of our Flourish Collective Academy for a glimpse into how we teach churches how to form leaders who embrace their unique vocation.

To God be the Glory.



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