Join us to see the power of community to heal and create. You are invited to The Table Showcase on Aug 27th beginning at 6pm at Communion Church.  Register Now. Backstory and more links below.

I’ve had a chance to hear bits and pieces of the life-changing things that have happened in the inaugural year-long cohort of The Table. It always seemed to be simply tantalizing generalities like “amazing” and “incredible.” It wasn’t until I sat down for an extended visit with a participant that I realized that his story was very traumatic, emotional, and contemporaneous. These were stories of healing still being written, and quite frankly stories to be told only by those to whom it belonged.

My friend Steve Garber regularly says, “Artists get there first.” And I think that is what made The Table such a powerful environment for growth on both the personal and professional dimensions of people’s lives. When you get a bunch of people who are gifted to perceive and feel deeply… created to bring into being music, spoken word, and photography that helps the rest of us perceive and feel deeply, you have a remarkably gifted group of people able to do deep healing in and through the works of art they create.

Artists get that the world isn’t always right or fair. They get there first. Life is full of opportunities to experience pain, that might be expected.  But when musicians experience wounds in (or because of) their church contexts, there is a little more sting. For this group, and perhaps many, many more, creatives long to use their gifts for the Lord, and yet do not experience the support necessary for them to thrive.

With the very intentional shepherding gifts of our friends Haley Montgomery Dall and Lance Sherwood, along with the persistent presence of the Lord’s grace and mercy, a marvelous healing environment has been curated. And out of that supportive environment, full of as much spiritual formation as it was of professional growth, a creative work emerged.

It is with great delight that I am able to invite you to an evening to hear some of the stories and experience the fruit of the creative work borne of this past year. As the fiscal sponsor of The Table, Flourish San Diego has had a small but important part of bringing this unique work into being. I’m grateful for your part in making this happen.

It will be a fundraiser. This now tightly knit community is convinced of the need to multiply the experience for others. We will continue our sponsorship of The Table for at least another year, at which point current plans are to launch as a separate entity.

If you are able to join us on Aug 27th, you can register at the button below. You can make a contribution at the same time.

If you are not able to attend, but would still like to make a contribution to this remarkable initiative, select the “Give here” button.

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