At Flourish San Diego, we help people and churches flourish into the fullness of who God created them to be so they can join God in seeking the Shalom of our city and world.

We are excited about our newest initiative, which creates a tangible space for working toward this mission. We call it The Greenhouse.

What is The Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse is a unique coworking space, gathering social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, church planters, and other leaders who are seeking the common good of San Diego. Our vision is to enable every person, in whatever place they find themselves, to discover who they were created to be and to do what God created them to do.


Bringing together people & organizations of good will to seek the common good through good work.



Whether you’re starting up a new business, looking to upgrade your workspace from the local coffee shop, or launching a new ministry endeavor, we believe The Greenhouse community can help you grow into your various callings.

At The Greenhouse, we teach, coach, mentor, and create space for unexpected collaborations. Often, creative solutions and innovative approaches come from surprising intersections. We will offer in-depth workshops and other gatherings to help you pursue the common good.

Our incredible team of advisors brings a wide range of expertise and deep knowledge in their fields. We believe you will benefit greatly from their wisdom and insight.

How Can I Join? 

Please contact us to schedule a visit today.

We offer a range of plans, from monthly plans to day passes all the way to individual seats and private conference rooms.

The Greenhouse is located at 13230 Evening Creek Dr. South, Suite 217, San Diego, CA 92128. Click here to get directions.


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