Soul Care Retreat

Spend some time with the Lord, slow down, rest...

A gathering of congregational leaders in the mountain of Idyllwild, CA for rest and restoration for the soul. The next retreat is October 22-24, 2024.


No need to dive into how difficult it has been to lead a church in the last few years. You have your own stories of challenging leadership decisions in uncertain times.

You can read more about pastoral burnout if you want some encouragement that you aren’t alone. There are in fact many reasons to explain your lack of motivation, irritability, and general sense of malaise. But mostly it points to our need to care for our own souls.

You can also read about how we are trying to resource pastors, church planters, and other congregational leaders. Our model of ministerial resilience prescribes supporting ministers in both personal and professional competencies.


Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your own well-being is not doing anything… or at least anything practical.

This retreat is intentionally “un-programmed” in that there will be plenty of time to “be still and know he is God.” We will dine together, and have a couple of worship sessions resembling morning and evening prayers, but the rest of the time is for you. We’re noodling over a couple of optional sessions if you would like food for devotional thought.

We will have a spiritual director on premise as well offer coaching and peer-coaching.

Did we mention beautiful mountain setting, fresh food, comfy beds, hiking, and a cute town to explore?


Frequently Asked Questions


October 22-24, 2024. We will begin with dinner on Tue, Oct 22 and depart after lunch on Thursday (2 nights/ 5 meals).


Hilltop Renewal Center in Idyllwild, CA.

This retreat center is relatively new with a capacity of 20 or so. Essentially two houses converted to provide comfortable double occupancy housing. We will mostly be in the Community house. Twin pillow-top mattresses. Sheets and towels provided. Fresh meals lovingly prepared. Snacks and coffee are all included.

Plan for fall weather (ie: cold, and maybe some snow/ice?) Comfy accommodations.


Minimal programming. Some worship devotional time in the morning and after dinner. Bring your own book(s) to read or bring an issue to work out with the Lord. Spiritual direction available/included. Geoff will be offering coaching.

Lots of hiking trails and a cute town for coffee or beverage of choice.


Men and women who are in ministry may register including, pastors, church planters, spouses within the Flourish San Diego ecosystem. Maximum capacity of 18-20 adults. Not equipped for children, but nursing infants are welcome.


Our cost is running about $300 a person, but registration will be $125 thanks to our grant funding. Register as soon as you are able as space is limited.


If you are looking for fresh ideas on how to retreat well, we recommend a copy of “Invitation to Retreat”by Ruth Haley Barton. Whether you are experienced in retreating or not, we trust this will be a great resource for you.

You might also consider the self-facilitated retreat guide developed by our friends at the Seattle School.