Our friends over at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology have been working to offer their expertise around resilience to wider audiences. We’re grateful to offer a four-week small group discussion around the ideas and practices that can help those of us worn down by this pandemic.

That’s all of us.

These four sessions are an hour in length and conducted via Zoom. They are smaller groups of up to nine people and are designed with interaction in mind. There is a short 4-6 minute video introducing the concept of the day. The rest is conversation.

The sessions are oriented around three pillars :

    1. Definition, metaphors, and self-assessment
    2. Purpose – What’s the “why?”…your sense of purpose and it’s connection of our well-being?
    3. Practice – What are the habits and behaviors that contribute to your care?
    4. People – Who are the people around you that form your community?

Regardless of your calling or your walk in life, we think these brief sessions can be helpful to anyone, particularly in this present moment.


These sessions are faciliated by Geoff Hsu and are free, though you are welcome to make a tax-deductable donation to our ongoing work.

We will be conducting these sessions on the four Wednesdays in November at 11am PST.

    • Nov 3 (National Stress Awareness Day!)
    • Nov 10
    • Nov 17
    • Nov 24

Join us!


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