I’ve been doing some preparation for teaching at the next retreat of our learning community. At the next session of the Flourish Collective Academy, we’ll be talking about the gospel.  And while that word brings to mind the work of Jesus on the cross, often the gospel gets limited to a short formula where Jesus died on the cross so that we might have our sins forgiven and go to heaven. I thank God that this is true.

I’m also thankful that Jesus accomplished so much more than that on the cross. For too long, and for for so many, if we are limited with that narrow scope of Jesus’ work, our salvation rescues us to go to heaven, but it doesn’t give us a reason for why or how we should live. Our faith can be more about being rescued out of the world for our sake, without really considering that our salvation might actually allow us to live in this world for the sake of others.

There are few resources as powerful as the Reframe course to help people reframe their understanding of the larger narrative of God and his redemptive intentions in the world. The whole series is now available free online at Vimeo and Youtube.  I highly recommend this resource to you.

I just finished re-viewing the episode that talks about Jesus as the King. It is a great episode, worth several viewings (especially if you called to preach the gospel of the Kingdom). Follow the links and you’ll see the various study resources available if you want to lead a small group around this series.

Here is the trailer for the series.

Here are the leader and participant guides.

Here is Episode 5: Jesus the King.


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