When Martin Luther King day rolls around, I try to remind myself of MLK Jr’s message, courage, and impact. Usually I head for a copy of the Letter from a Birmingham Jail.  You can get a sense of the background of the letter (5:39) and even listen to King read the letter himself (55:18). Listen to history in the making.

Today, I was reminded that King had a rich theology of work. In our Big Story Course, we show a great video (2:35) with him delivering his “street sweeper” illustration as we see vignettes of people doing work good for the world.

If you are interested in an even deeper theological reflection on MLK’s theology of work and how it is grounded in “Christian personalism,” you could do no better than read from this post by Greg Forster at the Green Room. You can listen to the street sweeper illustration in the context of the original 20 minute message before a high school audience.

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