The Ministry of Thriving is a framework that we’ve developed somewhat intuitively. Over the years, it has become clear that the best way to help the church live into her vocation, by the Lord, and for the life of the world, is to help her leadership thrive. We would say that a ministry cannot thrive if it’s leaders are not thriving.

Thanks to the Lilly Endowment, we have been able to quantify the efficacy of our work with pastors. More importantly, we’ve been able to complement our thinking with some of the best thinking of the past 15 years around pastoral resilience.

This presentation on Sept 22, 2021 is our attempt to cast a hopeful vision for how congregational leaders might think about their own resilience, even as the COVID 19 pandemic has made a challenging work even more challenging.

Listen in for some:

    • Data on burnout
    • Workplace turnover and the numbers for pastors
    • An explanation of the framework that focuses on both professional and personal growth

Here is the link if you’d like to download the Ministry of Thriving booklet.

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