Like many of the small groups we host, Flourish San Diego staff and volunteers also gather as a small group meeting on Tuesdays. Currently we have been working through the classic devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, written by Oswald Chambers and edited by his wife Biddy. It has been a delight to see that “older” language and constructs of the gospel and discipleship still resonate as true.

I ran across this portion of March 25th devotional and post it here for your encouragement.

Goodness and purity should never be traits that draw attention to themselves, but should simply be magnets that draw people to Jesus Christ. If my holiness is not drawing others to Him, it is not the right kind of holiness; it is only an influence which awakens undue emotions and evil desires in people and diverts them from heading in the right direction. A person who is a beautiful saint can be a hindrance in leading people to the Lord by presenting only what Christ has done for him, instead of presenting Jesus Christ Himself. Others will be left with this thought— “What a fine person that man is!” That is not being a true “friend of the bridegroom”— I am increasing all the time; He is not…

How easy it is to be focused on our own character development (not wrong) with a hope that we might be holier (not wrong). Where it goes wrong is when the reason is for our own glory rather than “presenting Jesus Christ himself.”

Lord have mercy.

Geoff Hsu
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