These women have taught me a lot.

This group started as dedicated volunteers to Flourish San Diego. We are co-founders, small group leaders, and contributors. In God’s goodness, there are now a couple such groups of amazing people without whom this work would not exist.

These women have also taught me that there are people out there that will squeeze more value out of a book than even I could. I’m not sure how long it took us to get through the book. Meeting weekly, we might cover three or four pages.  There are 257 pages in this book, which when you do the math equals 57 years (give or take a few).

This photo was taken after we finished the book this past week. I know it looks like I’m excited about merely finishing, when everyone else is offering an endorsement for something that will change your life. (I think it was the camera angle or lighting or something.)

In Life Without Lack, readers are treated to a profound reflection on what a life with Jesus would be like if we stopped to think about it as the psalmist. Along the way, we are treated to the typical Dallas Willard “upside-down” is actually “right-side up” reading of the Shepherd’s Psalm, Psalm 23.

In the lengthy yet delightful time spent studying the book, we learned about a Shepherd that provides and protects so sufficiently that “we lack nothing.” We were persuaded that a life of surrender to God’s care is what we are called to… even created for. We also grew convinced that love for others would grow as a natural result of surrendering our cares and concerns to the One.

I highly recommend the book.  Study it with a group of people… at whatever pace the Spirit leads.

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