Greenhouse Community


Personal Development

When you join our work space, you will find that the Flourish San Diego team is uniquely suited to help you grow and mature into the various callings you find yourself in. We are experienced in all manners of resources to help you assess your unique gifts and abilities as well as to explore areas for coaching. We do this to help you live into what you have been called to do and be. 


Workshops & Meetings

Quarterly in-depth workshops with experts in their respective fields. Topics will be informed by our work of forming people of good will. Workshops will help you and your organization pursue the common good. Learn how your everyday work can be the unique way that God calls you to serve others. 




New insights, friendships, partnerships for the common good… The greatest challenges that cities face today require fresh collaborations and trusted relationships across various sectors of society. We hope to create the kind of environments that prompt unexpected yet innovative collaborations.