Greenhouse Advisors

Flourish San Diego Advisors

The Flourish San Diego team members, including those listed below, will be your hosts in The Greenhouse work space. In addition to our indispensable volunteers, we will be working hard to help you and your idea flourish. It is an honor to serve you.

Dr. Geoff Hsu

Geoff is the Executive Director of Flourish San Diego, which he leads through his shepherd’s heart and proclivity as a reflective practitioner. Geoff’s experience in leadership development, faithful discipleship, and spiritual formation has helped area pastors, professionals, and elders throughout San Diego and cities across the country.

Dr. Shauna Schneider

Shauna is a surrendered follower of Jesus who utilizes her core strengths—enthusiasm, encouragement, yearning to learn, and wisdom in discernment of Gospel truth—as cofounder, board member, and enthusiastic volunteer for Flourish San Diego. Shauna practiced dermatology in San Diego for over 20 years.

Rev. Dr. Markus Watson 

Markus is a communicator particularly equipped to teach God’s big story whether in a seminar or in print. As a pastor he has been animating his congregations from Kentucky to San Diego, to live for the life of the world. Markus also completed a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis on Missional Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Advisors We Partner With

Our diverse and talented team of advisors brings a wide range of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to help the Greenhouse community thrive. We are thankful to our growing team of remarkable people who are willing to steward their gifts in service of our members.

Depending on availability these friends are able to offer insight, perspective, and wisdom to help you love our city to life. This valuable help is always offered as gift, which for some can be offered freely and for others is available for a fee.

Susan Brownlee 

Susan has extensive experience in business development, from large scale government contractors to non-profit organizations. Her research interests include benefit corporations, social enterprises, and internships. Susan teaches accounting at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Dr. Rob Gailey 

Rob teaches nonprofit organizational management and theories of economic development at Point Loma Nazarene University. Rob also serves as Director of the Center for International Development at PLNU, where he addresses social issues that impact our global economy.

Steve Kuptz 

Steve is a Certified Public Accountant who specializes in real estate finance, accounting, and taxation. He has been involved in over $750 million in real estate development, investment, and financing over a 35-year real estate career. 

Dr. Robert Nideffer 

Bob holds a Ph.D. in clinical & experimental psychology and has specialized in cognitive performance throughout his career. Bob is an expert on organizational assessment and executive coaching, and is the author of powerful assessment tools identifying concentration and cognitive styles.

Jim Prutow

Jim Prutow, a Principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), has studied DNA for 25+ years, not just human DNA but the DNA of companies. Jim is described by a major private equity firm as their “secret weapon”. Jim is a registered Intellectual Property attorney and is licensed to practice law in California.

Mark Quan 

Mark serves utility companies by helping them forecast power consumption. He is a wizard with numbers, spreadsheets, and systems thinking. He serves as a volunteer staff in campus ministry where he develops student leadership and where his teaching abilities shine.

Scott Schimmel 

Scott is President & Chief Guide of YouSchool, a guided coaching program that helps people in life’s transitions. YouSchool does this by helping people explore who they are, figure out what they want, and create a plan to make their dreams a reality.

Phil Schneider 

Phil has served as CFO, SVP, Board Member, and Chairman of the Audit Committee for various pharmaceuticals corporations for over 30 years. Phil has also served on the Board of the YMCA of San Diego County since 2001 and served as Chairman from 2011-2013.

John Schulte 

John is both a professor of Religion and Humanities as well as the CEO of his consultancy helping people form new businesses and nonprofits. He is gifted in operations, marketing, fundraising, and everything else you will want help with.

Soul Care House 

Soul Care House is a team of Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists / Registered MFT Interns approved by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences committed to helping others navigate the complexities required to create internal & relational change.

Stay Tuned… 

We’re continuing to build an incredible advisory team with a wide range of expertise and deep knowledge in their fields. Please keep an eye out, as we will be updating our roster regularly.