On Tuesday, February 21st, our Collective has two unique opportunities to partner with Trevor Lee, Lead Pastor of Trailhead Church in Denver, Colorado and City Director of Made to Flourish in Denver.


Flourish SD Collective Assessment Focus Group Lunch

In the afternoon, we’ll have a focus group lunch with discussion around a church assessment tool Trevor has created for churches in the areas to faith, work and economics and he wants to gain feedback from our churches. This is what he writes:

People spend over half their lives working and are involved in economic activity daily. In other words, understanding the integration of faith, work and economics is essential to an all of life Christian discipleship. By participating in this focus group you will experience benefits and benefit others in the following ways [continued on our Eventbrite page]:


Flourish SD Collective Happy Hour

In the evening, we will gather for appetizers and drinks as we discuss the “How does the importance of vocation and calling change what it means to be a pastor?” Should be a lively conversation. Bring a beverage of choice that you would like to share with others.

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