In our continuing effort to help people develop a fresh imagination of how to be the kind of people that live redemptively in our communities, our pastors group viewed and discussed this remarkable story from the marvelous Faith & Co series.

“Welcome” is a story that mashes a love for food coupled with a desire to provide opportunities for refugees and immigrants. It is about the creative entrepreneurial spirit, a camper-trailer turned into mobile kitchen, and a love for the neighbor that developed a business incubator that helps heal community divides.

Take a look.  Reflection questions are posted below the video.

Some questions

  1. What is beautiful and good in this story? What values do you see that mirrors the Kingdom and the King? These would be the things you saw and said to yourself, “That’s great!”
  2. How might I take something I do well and match it with a need that my neighbor has?

For ministry leaders:

  1. What can I do to form people in my ministry or congregation who think, dream, and create in ways like this?
  2. What are the values, systems, and programming needed to see need, to foster creativity, and to steward what we have been graced with to love our city well?

Learn More

Learn more about how to live out your faith in ways that resembles Jesus. We recommend a course we developed with partner churches entitled, The Big Story Course. While we hope to do this live and in person someday, it is conveniently offered via Zoom at the moment.

For pastors, elders, and ministry leaders, you would be best served by our learning community called, The Collective Academy. We think it is the best way to prepare your ministry for redemptive influence in today’s culture. Read more at the website.

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