Culture Summit - Signs of Life

We are delighted to be able to offer congregational leaders passes to attend virtually this Q Ideas conference. Learn how to live redemptively in today’s complicated cultural moment.

Few conferences have been as helpful in helping the church interpret the times in which we find ourselves. Consistently, Q Ideas has been giving Christian leaders in all spheres of culture creative ways to engage the current moment with redemptive intentionality.

If you are a congregational leader (pastor, church planter or launch team member, church staff, or elder), we would like give you and your team access to the 40 topics to be presented during 2022 Culture Summit on April 28-29. Our pass will allow you to attend live virtually via the Q Ideas platform. You will get 30 days to view the conference content on-demand.

Read more at their website.

Be Our Guest

Through the generosity of many people and organizations, we are able to offer this learning opportunity to you for free.


Ok, so these are just a few that I (Geoff) am most interested in learning from, but you can a great list of the presenters at the Culture Summit website. Andy Crouch always has something thoughtful to offer… same for Scott Sauls.  But look at the topics: gender questions, art, farming, pastoral resilience, bioethics & gene therapy, augmented reality, and meaning in the metaverse.

If you already know how to help Christians in these spaces work, innovate, and serve like Jesus, then you don’t need this content. Otherwise, let us buy you a ticket to access this content.

MALCOLM GLADWELL - Recovering Our Humanity

MALCOLM GLADWELL - Recovering Our Humanity


Malcolm Gladwell is the author of five New York Times bestsellers — The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, What the Dog Saw, and David and Goliath. Gladwell has been included in the TIME 100 Most Influential People list and touted as one of Foreign Policy’s Top Global Thinkers.

CURT THOMPSON - The Psychology of Desire

CURT THOMPSON - The Psychology of Desire


Throughout his career, his main focus of clinical and research interest has been the integration of psychiatry, its associated disciplines, and Christian spirituality. Thompson believes that the findings in interpersonal neurobiology reflect important tenets of Christian faith that enable us to reflect on, understand, and experience that same faith in fresh, trustworthy ways.

AMY SHERMAN - People of Peace

AMY SHERMAN - People of Peace


Sherman is author of Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good (IVP, 2011) and Agents of Flourishing: Pursuing Shalom in Every Corner of Society (IVP, forthcoming May 2022). Sherman is founder and former executive director of Charlottesville Abundant life Ministries, a holistic, cross-cultural, whole-family, church-based outreach in an urban neighborhood of lower-income families.

PHIL CHEN - Meaning in the Metaverse

PHIL CHEN - Meaning in the Metaverse


Joining us virtually, Phil Chen is a senior advisor at Race Capital, a serial entrepreneur and investor. Prior, Phil was the founder of HTC Vive (leading VR headset), Exodus (world’s first crypto phone), Alex eReader (acquired by B&N), partner at Horizons Ventures and led numerous investments including Improbable (valued at $2B), Beats (acquired by Apple for $3B), Sandbox VR (valued at $400M), among others.

Why is culture and "culture-making" important?

One of the most helpful ways to think about being a Christian in today’s world is to live in ways that seeks the good of all, particularly the “least among us.” Imagining and creating fresh ways to flourish our neighbor through our everyday work and activity forms a culture reflective of Jesus the King. In many ways it is the positive alternative to the stereotype of Christians only being known for what they are against.

Can we view the conference live or just the recorded sessions?

Yes, the digital access pass that we are securing for you and your team allows you to attend the conference live and virtually. All the sessions will be available in the Q Media platform within 30 minutes of completion. Even if you aren’t able to attend the sessions on April 28th-29th, they are all available to you to be streamed on-demand for 30 days.

Why are you offering this for free?

Our work is to help the body of Christ in San Diego form (and become) the kinds of people that love our city to life. We have a great team of ministry partners that fund our work, as well as a generous grant to support pastors and church planters in their well-being and resilience. Both intuition and our own research has shown that ministry leaders benefit from communities that support them personally (spiritual formation, well-being, marriage and family) as well as professionally. The greatest need professionally is developing adaptive leadership capacities. We see the Q Ideas Culture Summit as a great contribution to our efforts.

Who qualifies for a free access pass?

You are welcome register if you are serving in San Diego as:

  • Pastor – Senior, Associate, etc. (feel free to translate for your tradition)
  • Elder – A person that might provide oversight and direction for ministry
  • Church Planters – The person and key team members starting a new church expression
  • Staff – People working with small groups, young adults, outreach/missions, etc.
  • Spouses – Of course! (and especially if your not good at sharing your Netflix profile)

You are welcome to invite team members in these categories as well.

We offer a special welcome to our friends with City to City in San Diego as well as the San Diego Church Planting Movement.


"I'm not sure if I will be able to use a pass fully..."

“…and I wouldn’t want to have you pay for something I might not be able to fully use.” No worries! We’ve paid for a block of passes. So every pass we are able to get to good folks like you helps us get a better value. #everyonewins

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