Leadership in Unchartered Territory

In June of 2017, we hosted a couple of Leadership focused

events with Tod Bolsinger,

author of Canoeing the Mountains.

Below you will find the promotional materials. If you would like a copy of the study guide, please contact us at geoff@flourishsandiego.org. Or if you would like to attend future events like this…

“Seminary didn’t prepare me for this.”

This statement captures what so many pastors are thinking these days. This is also the title of chapter 1 of Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger, a book that addresses the reality of the uncharted territory in which the church finds itself today.

Join us on June 1 as Flourish San Diego presents an afternoon with Tod Bolsinger, Vice President of Formation and Vocation at Fuller Theological Seminary. Tod will help us unpack what it means to lead our churches transformationally through this uncharted territory.

This short video will give an idea of the themes of the book, and will help you understand why we are so glad Tod will be sharing insights from his book. Who knew that the story of Lewis and Clark would be so helpful to congregational leaders during this time of our adaptive challenge?

First Two Chapters

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Study Guide

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