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Earning Admission

Outrageous. That seems to be the most popular term to describe the college admissions cheating scandal that took over the news last week. Condemning wealthy and powerful parents who illegally engineered their children’s road to elite schools is easy. But are we...

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A New Heart

Much has been said and written (including by me!) about the ways churches need to change in order to be the church we are called to be in the world as it is today.  Over the past several decades, we’ve used all kinds of adjectives to describe what the church should be...

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Why Does Flourish San Diego Exist?

Why does Flourish San Diego exist?  What do we hope to accomplish?  In this post, I simply want to lay out as clearly as I can why we do what we do.   It’s All Because of Jesus Before I say anything else about Flourish San Diego, I have to begin by saying that...

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