A Great Challenge For the Church

The dynamic, life-giving work and message of Jesus has been obscured from people who seek to find meaning and purpose in life. The call to follow a Person has been reduced to a call to obey deadening legalisms. Which proves incapable of producing the kind of people we both desire to be and were created to be. This has resulted in further marginalization of the church, challenging our intention to be a redemptive presence in our city and world.

A Great Opportunity For the Church

As apprentices of Jesus, we help people and churches become who they were created to be. In doing so, we join God to help our city and world flourish and become all that it can be.


A gathering of congregational leaders in the mountain town of Idyllwild, CA for rest and restoration of the soul. April 25-27, 2024.


These groups are a setting to reinforce learnings from the Academy. It is both a place to pursue the spiritual formation journey with safe allies as well as offer just-in-time peer-coaching to one another. We also want to foster and curate relational connections between leaders throughout San Diego. Listening and supporting each other creates a sense of abun- dance and belonging. Fresh ideas are shared and a deeper connection to callings is fostered in solidarity as leaders wrestle with similar challenges.


Our flagship learning community conducted each year. This is the logical entry point for the most comprehensive articulation of how to contextualize our faith in today’s world.