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Ministry Wherever

Ministry Wherever

The unique way in which we live out our calling is what we call our vocation.  I used to think of vocation as nothing more than a job.  When I was in high school, I had friends who would go to a place called “Vo-Tech” in the afternoons, which stood for “Vocational... read more
Book Review: Calling All Years Good

Book Review: Calling All Years Good

Calling All Years Good: Christian Vocation Throughout Life’s Seasons makes an important contribution by discussing vocation from infancy to old age.  I’m not aware of any other book dedicated to this topic. The book is edited by Kathleen Cahalan and Bonnie... read more
Living into Both Callings​

Living into Both Callings​

One of the greatest challenges for the church today is the re-integration of the sacred and the secular.  Too many people live with the false belief that their Monday through Saturday lives are less important to God than their life on Sunday—especially Sunday... read more