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The Previousness of God

The Previousness of God

I’m a big believer in the sovereignty of God.  What does “sovereignty” mean?  It essentially means that God can and will do as God chooses. ​I know that raises a lot of questions.  Questions about the existence of evil and why God doesn’t always prevent catastrophes. ... read more
Work is By Design

Work is By Design

We spend the majority of our lives at work. Were you aware of that? Most of your life is spent doing something (whether paid or unpaid) to contribute to an organization, a family, a school, a country, or society at large. This is by design. In Genesis 1 and 2 one of... read more
Vocation As Discipleship

Vocation As Discipleship

How do people grow in their faith?  Well, the question I really want to ask is, what kinds of things do churches do to help people grow in their faith?  Here are a few things we did in my church: Held worship services Sang worship songs Had small groups Asked people... read more